Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Spinning Misadventure

So I asked for a spindle and some wool for my birthday present. The pair of spindles finally came in the mail. I had checked out a library book on handspinning, and it mentioned recycled fibers such as blue jean cotton or wool mixed with recycled plastic bottles. I wanted to see if these fibers were cheaper than wool, which can be pricey. So I searched and searched, and all the recycled fibers were at least as expensive as wool, if not more. Finally I stumbled across a website on making 'newspaper yarn'. I looked at the instructions and theoretically, all you had to do was cut newspaper into strips, twist it to make a leader, and twist the strips together with a spindle. Did it work?
No, of course not? The paper kept breaking. So that was the end of my 'new project enthusiasm'. I do admire the person who managed to pull it off though, and would be grateful for tips! So I will try not to be too pessimistic and wait to get some wool to spin.

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