Monday, September 13, 2010

Crabapple Sauce and a Braided Rug

Yesterday I accomplished two things: Making a jar of crabapple sauce/butter, whatever it is called, and finishing a braided rug. It was easy to braid the rug once I figured out to overlap the rag strips instead of sewing them together. It ended up about the size of a mini trampoline. That was from a big garbage bag of rag strips. The crabapple sauce involved picking the crabapples, chopping off the stems and flower ends, cooking them, adding more water and mashing them in through a colander to remove the seeds and fibrous bits (mind you, this was learned partly through trial and error and got a lot more dishes dirty than necessary), adding cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and honey, and boiling it down. Maybe next time I will figure out how to take pictures of all the steps. Meanwhile, the tomato plant is making two tiny tomatoes and a few flowers, while a few radishes came up in the planters. And I had a weird dream about rabbits half the size of gerbils, and the other week I dreamed about pigs the size of guinea pigs. Weird!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

All things fun and interesting

Well . . . I finished my shawl on Sunday! I have a picture of it up there. I still haven't decided whether to keep it or give it away . . . guess I'll just keep offering it to people until I find a taker. And since that baby flying squirrel we rescued was so adorable, we now have two pet gerbils, Merry and Pipin! They are both boys, luckily.
Unfortunately, we ran out of Klonopin and I was feeling funny until today when we finally could get more. Klonopin withdrawal is not fun! But I feel better now and am so enjoying our brand-new pets. Obsessing about what to plant and where to find affordable seeds. Home Depot should have some. Crabapples are almost ripe. Thinking about purchasing the carding combs AFTER I run out of wool, which seems sensible enough. I want to get a late crop of spinach and radishes. Oh, the tomato plant is now blossoming. Frost, PLEASE wait to come until I get some tomatoes! Just a few?