Sunday, May 3, 2009

Church for the Neurogically Impaired

Does anyone else with neurological problems such as autism or schizophrenia have difficulty with church? I know I do. Of course our church is liturgical, which is nice but is practically a recipe for sensory overload.
Today, at church, I kept feeling angry and frustrated for no reason, hitting myself and stomping my feet. At one point I even tried to crawl under the pew. I was quite embarassed afterwards, but what can you do?
In the end, my dad had to take me out and I ended up sitting with Mom in the choir loft. Then I was fine.
What could this be? How can I be having problems in one part of church and not in another? The only real factor was that my sister wasn't in the choir loft. She was bothering me. I feel so guilty for being bothered, which is an ongoing problem for me. And all I can do is trust God to forgive me.

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