Saturday, May 2, 2009

The $500 Question for Today

People frequently make health claims for the 'Paleo diet'. This is supposedly the diet we evolved to eat, as hunter-gatherers, and is incedentally grain-free.
But what if you don't believe in evolution? What if you believe that God created everything around the same time, and that He taught humans to farm? What if the 'diseases of civilization' are not from civilization itself but from an unbalanced diet? It was my mother who brought up these questions, incidentally.
I do not believe that diseases of civilization do not exist, but I also do not think that cavemen were completely healthy, seeing as how they starved half the time, or at least many of them did. I think diseases of civilization are caused by newer things, such as pesticides and antibiotics. Not farming.
There is evidence that antibiotics and vaccines can cause autism. You can make an argument on either side, but I stand in the middle. I think that vaccines and/or antibiotics can make an autistic condition worse, where it may not have manifested otherwise. I also think that not all forms of autism are alike, and that the 'autism epidemic' may be from different things such as antibiotics, vaccnes, all combined with industrial food. But I am not a certified health specialist, so I cannot say for sure.
So maybe we would all be perfectly healthy if we ate properly processed, organic food and everything was in moderation. Maybe if the doctors didn't shove antibiotics at you to make you go away, there would be fewer cases of autism. Maybe if everyone prepared their grains properly and there was no such thing as packaged, processed junk, there would be no need for grain-free diets that are necessary for healing in some people. This is just a theory, but maybe. Just maybe.

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