Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wool, wool, and more wool

A few months back, I did some spinning for a woman I know who raises sheep. The cool thing is, the sheep are completely grass-fed. Well, someone I know from church gives me this huge bag of wool, plus a spindle and some knitting needles. I must admit, I was a bit confused. Was I meant to spin this and send it back, or what? The next day I call her, and it turns out, the wool is for me to keep! Sort of like payment for the spinning. The wool is a Cotswold-Romney cross, and is remarkably soft for a longwool breed, in my opinion. Apparently, sheep that have not eaten grain have softer wool! Isn't that cool?
The pictures are, in order from top to bottom: spun yarn on my niddy-noddy; my new spindle with carded wool; and washed, uncarded wool.

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  1. How lucky you are to know shepherds! Your yarn looks very nice.