Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yesterday we lost our gerbil, Pippin. He had been very sleepy for several days but we didn't think anything of it. Yesterday morning he was hunched over, had ruffled fur, and wouldn't eat even if we tried to hand-feed him. We did some internet research and fed him porridge, which he ate a bit of. We tried to give him some antibiotics for wet-tail but he wouldn't take them. He just got worse and worse and in the afternoon he stopped breathing. He is in the freezer and we will bury him in our garden plot at Blackacre Farm but he really is in pet heaven with our cat Debbie. They are friends because 'the lion shall lay down with the lamb' ought to also mean 'the cat shall lie down with the gerbil'!

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  1. aww, I sorry to hear about Pippin, poor little guy:( Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Thats great that your zoo has wallabies all the way in US! I see that you blog about house plant care, I soo need to come back when I have time and get some tips as ive just bought a few house plants and feel a bit clueless he he