Saturday, March 5, 2011

What I'm Knitting

I currently have nothing to spin, so I am knitting a top-down seamless raglan pullover out of brown Lion Brand Fisherman's wool. Maybe SOMEDAY I will actually manage to spin enough for a sweater! But for now I can just knit. I am almost done with the first sleeve, and my hair is a mess. You can see me modeling the unfinished sweater. I know it's a bit late for wool sweaters, but the last two years we have had a March blizzard - PLEASE not once the tomatoes are planted!
This post is part of Woolly Wednesdays at Spinspiration.


  1. Hi Bethany
    Thank you for joining in for Woolly Wednesdays. It is so lovely that you are spinning. I am sure you will get around to spinning enough wool for your sweater and knitting is just the best. Good luck with spinning and getting your lovely sweater knitted up!
    Best wishes

  2. Enjoy your knitting and your spinning, thanks for joining us at Spinspiration x