Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Grass is for cows!

I like sprouts as much as the next person, but I draw the line at wheat grass. Some health food nuts, especially raw food people, like to drink wheat grass juice. I am not convinced of its benefits and here's why: you can't eat grass unless you're a ruminant. That is a basic fact of life. The juice has the indigestible fiber removed, but think about it - if you need something modern to process it to the point of edibility, how is that food? Food is something you can eat raw. Or boiled, or baked, or fried, etc. All you need to cook something is a pot or pan, a heat source (like a fire) and maybe some rendered animal fat for frying. Or water for boiling. But to juice wheat grass you need a hand-cranked or electric grinder, a complicated modern invention. Did people drink wheat grass juice a a hundred fifty years ago? I think not! If you are going to drink juice, use something squeezable like a lemon. Or cook the juice out. But why on earth would you need to mechanically extract the fiber? That is not natural! Cider mills have been around a little while, perhaps not long enough to be a good thing, but longer than wheat grass juicers. Grapes can be juiced by stomping barefoot in a bin. Lemons can just be squeezed. But wheat grass? Grass is for cows, not people!
However, if you want all the nutrients of grass and more, you can use one of the oldest grass-processing methods known to man: feed grass to cow/goat. Milk cow/goat. Drink raw milk. There's your liquid grass, right there, complete with vitamin C.

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