Monday, December 6, 2010


I will now make a public confession and say that at the age of 16 I still like Care Bears. I am always looking for something to watch while I'm knitting and Care Bears has none of the paganism of Sailor Moon (in fact, the only real negative I see is oversimplified psychology). It actually started a few weeks ago when I saw the movie and checked it out from the library. I had seen the previews as a child and they looked SO cool. Unfortunately, I fell asleep watching it and didn't see the end. But no matter, I can still watch the episodes on the Internet.
But let's cut to the chase. So I found out that they made a new Care Bear series, so I thought, oh goody, easily accessible Care Bears. But although the colors are brighter, the bears (from what I could gather from the 3/4 episode I watched) are WAY more prone to jealousy and selfishness and probably other sins in other episodes. But that is not as disturbing to me as the fact that someone decided to make them THIN. I am not kidding. In the good old-fashioned '80s version, the bears were furry, muscular, and had nice, round butts. In other words, they looked like (cute) BEARS. I repeat, BEARS. NOT colored stick people with teddy bear heads. I know it is just a cartoon, but if it is not okay for a bear to be a little chubby, what does that say about people? Must we all conform to this stick figure while eating a high-carbohydrate diet in 'moderation' and still not become anorexic? Or do they WANT us to become anorexic? Seriously, to me, this is just WRONG.

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  1. This made me smile. On a related topic, I like my cartoons with the old animation. The new computer animation ruins a lot of the charm.
    P.S. We need to talk soon. I miss you!