Saturday, July 25, 2009

Obsessions, GAPS, and feeling blah . . .

After reading the food renegade post on autism (that I told her about), Mom decided to order the book Gut and Psychology Syndrome. It tells you how to do the GAPS diet, which, for those of you familiar with both, is basically a Nourishing Traditions version of the SCD diet. It is so interesting I couldn't put it down and at night I couldn't wait till morning so I could read it more! This diet seems to be my only hope, as I am now on Haldol and no medication seems to work very well for me. Even Mom now admits that my meds stopped working when I made the switch from SCD to enzymes. So I just have to wait for Mom to read the book, which is fine, but depressing nonetheless. Sigh. And to top it all off, I read in the book that swimming pools are toxic chemical soups that are best avoided - just when our apartment pool opened, too! And there was me thinking swimming was a relaxing, therapeutic form of exercise . . . again all I can say is SIGH!

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